Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Once upon a time...

In the state of Utah sits a city. The city is not really a city but rather a town. This town has a vast amount of land and even though one lives in this town it could take them 20-30 minutes to get from one end of town to the other. In this town, there is a perfect little corner. See this corner is across one street from another town called South Jordan and across another street from a different town called Riverton. This corner of town is not far at all from many big shopping and movie attractions; it is, however, far from Herriman Townhall (which is NOT close to many big shopping and movie attractions).

In that corner of the town of Herriman, there is this neighborhood. In this neighborhood you will find many children out running around and playing. The houses in this neighborhood are not huge. The yards in this neighborhood are a good size but once again not huge. The schools in this neighborhood are good and within walking distance. The parks are wonderful because well mainly because there are parks for children within walking distance. The jogging trail that runs behind the homes in this neighborhood is wonderful!

There is a house that sits in this neighborhood that sits in that town that is located in Utah. It has that jogging trail running behind it along with open green grass areas. It is one of the smaller homes in the neighborhood. Size is relative to individuals though. Having lived in 850 sq feet for 7 1/2 years, 1960 sq feet would feel like a mansion. Rooms would sit EMPTY because furniture would not be present to fill them.

In this house that sits in this neighborhood there are 3 bedrooms and 2 baths completed. The house has an actual dining room space as well as a living room AND family room. In this house there is vaulted ceilings and many, many windows. The house also has a master bedroom with it's own bath. Along with that, in this house, the water heater is bigger than 25 gallons and a shower longer than 5 minutes before cold water is feasible. Ahh, a dream! In this house, there is a 2 car garage for some storage along with CAR PARKING. The unfinished basement has room to finish 2 more bedrooms, a storage space and another bath.

Into this house that sits in this neighborhood, that is located in the perfect location in the town that sits in Utah, a certain Hawker family wants to move. Each prayer offered in their current home (even food ones) mentions this house that is in that neighborhood. It is the hearts' desire for all in the home. The house in many ways feels like home to all in the house. I guess the saying is true, Home is where the heart is. Each member of this family has a little (or large for some) piece of their heart attached to this home.

The mom of said Hawker family is terrified that is will fall through because not only her heart but the heart of her children would break to lose that perfect little home that sits in the perfect little neighborhood in the perfect little corner of the great town of Herriman. This mom has feared even blogging about this perfect little home due to this fear (and this mom doesn't hold back much on her blog)!

The Hawker family, in faith, held a small family fast to ask for help in getting this house as their new home. There were so many little pieces to the puzzle that had to fall into place in order for them to be able to call the house, in the neighborhood, their home. The fast was not easy for the children. The fast was not easy for the parents. The fast did bring peace. At the end of the day, the little Hawker family felt great peace. The mom of the Hawker family was able to let go of the fear and feel great hope.

The perfect little house is still not the Hawker families home; HOWEVER, pieces to the puzzle are falling together QUICKLY. Things that were never believed to be possible or feasible just happened. The mom of the Hawker family is often overwhelmed with love and gratitude as she sees these things fall into place. She KNOWS that it is due to the Fast and many, many, many prayers. She KNOWS that her Father in Heaven is aware and a loving Father.

The puzzle is not complete. That perfect house still has several steps to go. Prayers are still offered daily. More importantly from this perfect little house, the mom of this Hawker family has learned a LOT about Faith and the Love of her Heavenly Father. She has also gained a testimony of the Law of the Fast. She knows certain things would not have happened had her little family not fasted in faith.

This story hopefully has a happy ending of they moved into that perfect little house and lived happily ever after. I hope it does have the ending. If the ending is different, I will still be able to take the knowledge I have gained. I, however, have faith and a great feeling that the house will belong to that sweet Hawker family. Hopefully in a month, this Hawker mom can post pictures of her little family in front of the house and be able to label the picture...HOME!

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