Monday, January 30, 2012

I am sick. Exhausted. Sick.

It has been quite the life the last 7 weeks. So much change. So much happiness. So much sadness. It is a bit overwhelming.

I think my dream last night summed it all up. I was trying to make it to work but was late because my kids were sick and Lyse fell and broke her arm and then I was trying to call work and instead rushed to my computer worked for a few minutes than tried to make it to Darin's funeral to have the crushing weight of watching Dustin and Papa Larry trying to carry the casket alone. We were transported to a church and a wedding and everyone greeting us for the funeral and wedding. I was desperately trying to serve everyone orange smoothies cause it would help their sore throats but my debit card was being charged for each smoothie so I was trying to make the smoothies spread between everyone. The smoothie machine then malfunctioned and made smoothies faster than I could catch in any cup.

That is how I feel in my life right now. Everything is moving so fast and transporting me from one place to the next without a chance to really comprehend or face it all before the next big change comes. The entire time I am trying to balance work, kids and finances. I am failing at it all.

A week ago I got sick. It has not went away. I will feel better for a day only to have the next day feel 10 times worse. I need to just get over this crap!

I am trying to get our house ready to sale. Pack items up and get them put away for when we move.

"When are you moving"...something asked OFTEN. The only answer I have is when the house closes. It is a short sale. It has to get the second mortgage approved. It may take a while :*( but at the same time it could happen tomorrow. I honestly don't know when the approval will come through. As soon as it does, it will go fast and we will be moved in just a few short weeks.

I also realized that packing is going to be bigger than I originally anticipated. We have a LOT more crap then I previously realized. I am good about getting rid of stuff. I really am. Thing is, there is still a lot of stuff in this little place. I packed up 20 boxes this last week. I have a LOT more to pack!

Let's see what else. Shay's wedding and reception were really nice. I hope she is and will be happy forever.

I think that is it for updates. Right now I just need to start feeling better so that I can live my life! I also now need some down time (and a nice getaway to a tropical island would be nice too!)

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