Friday, January 20, 2012

New Year, New Day, New Resolutions

I have had the hardest time with my "New Year's Resolution".

Yes I know it is almost the end of January and it should have been thought over, stewed and decided by January 1st.

No, I did not do that.


I could not think of what I had the energy or time to change.

Today I came up with some that were of utmost importance to how I feel.

Family time.

I need to cut out more time for my little family. I have tried harder and harder to be a fun mom. To take my kids and use our Pass of all Passes. For the month of January, I feel like I have succeeded. I hope and pray I can feel that way each month. I do enjoy having time to spend with my family and not have to pay money each time. That is a blessing!

Husband time.

I need to take time with just Ben. Time in which the 2 of us can regroup and reconnect. Our marriage is number 1 priority. When it is strengthened and strong, it blesses me, my children, our family...I love my husband and he needs to be a higher priority in my life!

Scripture time.

I need to take more time studying the scriptures. Not only family scripture time but time for myself. Time in which I work towards Spiritual strength and guidance in my life. I hate to commit to a time limit daily but I know I won't do this without just doing it. So my answer is: I will put aside at least 70 minutes a week for scripture study. That can be 70 minutes in 1 day or that can be 10 minutes a day. This is a minimum standard, not a max!


I want to building savings. I want to be frugal to a fault this year. I want to help provide financial stability for me and my family. When we have a good savings account, I feel good about myself. I don't fear. I know our family will be ok if we have to fix the car or replace something that broke. I want to build a big enough shield of savings that when I go on vacation it is completely paid for before we go and still have money left over for when we return and some unforeseen financial set back occurs. (Meaning, I don't empty my savings to go on the vacation)

There...I finally came up with my resolutions.

I do think part of the reason I had such a hard time writing these is due to change. I have had so much of it lately that I hate to commit to ANYTHING that will further initiate ANY change of ANY sorts. i have had commitment issues as of late; however, I have come to realize if I don't try and change for the better, I don't stand still but rather change for the worse. I want to be better not worse.

I embrace my resolutions and change. I want to be better!

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