Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Loot

We were so blessed with Christmas this year. Seriously, we were spoiled! At the end of the day I sat and looked at everything in amazement for the love and generosity of all our loved ones. I am so grateful.

Ben always says Christmas is about the presents. It is about the biggest, greatest present that could ever be given to the world. Our Savior Jesus Christ came down to show us a perfect example. When you give a Christmas present in love, you are emulating our saviors love. The gift could be a pack of crayons, but if you gave it with true love and sacrifice, that is what Christmas is about. I agree. Christmas can be about the presents if you view it in that light. :)

When asked about favorite presents, it was truly hard to figure out. All our presents were given with such love and thoughtfulness of us individually it made me stop and think "well what was the best present?"

For Ben - He loved his kindle fire the most, until he climbed in bed with the new mattress topper on it. That caused a toss up on which was really better. Than of course he got toys and those are always just fun. His nerf gun is WAY over used (lol) and the helicopter "pilot" aka controller skills have been greatly fine tuned.

For me - I LOVE sweater season. I think I have mentioned that one before. I got several beautiful sweaters from many different people. YAY! They all know me! I also got a much needed coat since the zipper on mine broke. The biggest surprise of all to me though was the piano!!! I got a keyboard piano and I am soooo excited. I had no clue. I was completely shocked. This holiday season was really sad not to be able to play the Christmas songs I love to play each year. I am so excited to start practicing again!!

For Katy - Her first reply when asked her favorite gift was "Toms". She got a pair of Toms from Ben and I. Seriously, that girl found that package first thing in the morning and she would not put it down. I made her wait to open it until after church cause I KNEW I would be fighting her on "Toms are not appropriate shoes for church" if she got them before hand. She hasn't taken those things off! She even got up yesterday and was still in her pajamas yet her Toms were on her feet. Silly girl and her love for shoes!

Such a silly girl!Katy was also very excited to get a coat, Lalaloopsy, MP3 player and a docking station for her MP3 player.

For Elyse - Her Mp3 player. She has not taken that thing off her ears. Want proof? This is what I found last night:Yes, that is her SOUND asleep with her MP3 player playing in her ear. Silly girl. I had to get a picture before I turned it off and put the player away for the evening. She also loved the Panda, Fijit and her alarm clock. She has also enjoyed her dad's helicopters and started to fine tune her skills with that toy! Such a silly little girl!

We have been greatly blessed and had a lot of fun and joy this Christmas season.

P.S. Even though it isn't pictured...Katy too got a MP3 player and she has had it in her ears a majority of the time too!

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