Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Penny Pinching Fun!

Tonight I get to go to bed thinking, "I have been a fun mom today". I LOVE nights like that. Too often my nights are, "man I didn't..." or "I should have spent more time with the kids".

Today was a super busy but FUN day. I was awake at about 6 this morning. Went to work at 700. When I got off work, I hurried and got dressed then drove to Jana's and picked the kids up (they slept over). I got the girls dressed and hair done at Jana's and we went straight to the Aquarium.

I LOVE the Aquarium. It is so fun! The kids had a blast. Lyse LOVES the sting rays. Talks and talks and talks about them. I hope one day to be able to take them back (and take Ben for the first time) to Sting Ray City in Grand Cayman. It is amazing and sting rays really are docile, graceful creatures!

Anyway, back to the Aquarium. The kids had a blast. We watch the electric eel put off enough electricity to light up a Christmas Tree. We watched the penguins swim around and overall just enjoy all the sea creatures.

Following the Aquarium, Debbie was awesome and invited the kids back for cookies! YAY cookie making! They cut out and decorated a bunch of ginger bread men, trees, stars, snowflakes, etc. It was fun to watch them decorate their cookies. Cousins played and played and I dreaded having to go back home to work, but alas I had to!

We got home and I worked for a bit then when I got off we went to Jana's old Riverton property to finish emptying out the last of her stuff. We got it all loaded and taken to her house then we left and went to Trafalga in Lehi.

WOW! What fun! This year for Christmas we all got a "Pass of all Passes". It gets us into Trafalga, Seven Peaks, Blaze games, Grizzly games and so much more. We got an awesome deal of only $19.98 per person and we have unlimited access to so many places. Trafalga is one of our unlimited access places. I have a feeling this pass is going to get good use!

The kids loved the rides that were opened and we even played some mini golf. We all decided Dustin was made for a real golf course not mini one :) We had to yell "FORE" a couple times. LOL We also got to enjoy some of their food (which was GOOD) that we had gotten for an excellent deal of city deals. $3 for an extra large (and really tasty) pizza - now that is a deal!! Following our treats we ended the night with Laser Tag. What a perfect way to end it. The kids are already planning the next time we can go and play Laser Tag again.

The whole day was so fun. Yesterday I got a season pass (for free thanks to Cyprus Credit Union new checking account) to the Utah Hogle Zoo. We went into the zoo for about 30 minutes while up there but we did not see much other than some monkeys and the elephants. Tomorrow the plan is to go up and have an adventure seeing more! YAY! Another fun filled day that will be free!

I am so grateful for our blessings. We have season passes to several places (between the "pass of all passes" and the zoo pass) that we can go and have fun with our kids and not have to spend any money. We have been blessed to not have to pay an arm and leg for these passes. I hope that for the next 12 months I can get really good use out of our pass of all passes and zoo pass. Who doesn't love fun adventures that don't cost a dime?!?!

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