Friday, December 2, 2011

Sandwich Making Love

I am so grateful for my beautiful daughters. Seriously, I have the best kids in the world.

This morning Ben teasingly told Katy, "Get downstairs and make me my lunch! 2 sandwiches, one ham, one turkey."

Katy jumped up and ran down the stairs while asking, "Mayo or mustard?"

Ben laughed told her both and cheese. He chuckled as he got ready for work than said to me, "I gotta get down there and make my sandwich." I told him I was fairly certain Katy was making him his lunch.

When I got downstairs Katy had made 2 sandwiches. One turkey, one ham. She had sliced cheese and put it on each sandwich. I helped her put the sandwiches in baggies and in a brown bag. Right before I put the sandwiches in the brown bag she said, "hold on" and she ran with the bag into the living room. Several minutes later she came back and packed his lunch (even got him an apple and salad). The outside of the bag had a beautiful little art work of flowers and hearts with a heart melting "I love you Daddy Love Katy"

What started out as a joke ended with making Ben's day as Katy really did get him a lunch with a beautiful note. After Ben left for work and Katy and I were making Lyse and Katy's lunches, Katy exclaimed, "Oh man!!! I should have put jalapenos on it. I know he loves those and it would have made his sandwiches even better!" :) She is definitely a keeper.

All the while this was happening you could hear Christmas music blaring through the house. When I came downstairs Lyse was in the living room dancing her heart out to it! She seriously has really got some talent in dancing. She gets what is being taught in dance class and she comes home and applies that to songs on the radio...making up her own dances.

I need to add, this was 8:00 am when I came downstairs for the day. Both girls had been up, dressed, eaten and were ready to leave for school. They got up on their own this morning. They didn't even try to wake me up. It was 7:30 before I was awake and even knew they were up (I layed in my nice warm bed for almost 20 min this morning...ya it was nice). They had already gotten dressed and ready for the day (including breakfast) at that point.

I have such sweet, responsible girls. They try hard and work hard. I am so grateful for the joy they bring to my heart each day.

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