Saturday, December 17, 2011

The magic of dance

Last night was perfect.

I went and got my hair professionally done.

I put on my "little black dress" with super cute red heels.

I got my sexy husband on my arm.

We took the kids to a friends house to be babysat and we were off.

It was my husband's work party. There was laughter (a lot more once some people had some alcohol). I have to say I LOVE that we don't drink because we get such great entertainment out of those that do!

Dinner was nice.

The setting was perfect. The games were fun.

Then we got to dance. Ben took me in his buff arms and we swayed to the music. It was WONDERFUL! Seriously amazing!

I love dancing with my husband.

We joked. We laughed. We smiled. We enjoyed just being close and dancing without little girls jumping between us.

For a night I was able to leave the world of heavy cares behind and enjoy time out.

It was magical.

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